Conversation avec un collegue

4:23:51 PM bobby: please, elaborate
4:24:57 PM : Well, we are bound to respect certain rules and standards set by the society we live in.
4:25:11 PM bobby: umm-hmmm
4:25:53 PM : In my wildest dreams, there is a society with a totally different referential, where drinking at work is allowed, where I can wear my pyjamas around the office, and where Nick’s office would be full of bean bags, flippers and pool tables.
4:26:03 PM : I call this model of society NicoLand
4:26:09 PM bobby: how utopian
4:26:22 PM : Unfortunately there is no transition possible, no way to go that direction.
4:26:30 PM bobby: but where are the ladies in catholic schoolgirl outfits
4:26:36 PM : Social changes only come with cataclysme such as wars or natural disasters
4:26:41 PM bobby: i agree
4:27:08 PM : … events that push people beyond their regular track of thinking and take them to consideration such as “Why TF are we doing things that way”
4:27:41 PM : So unless the US declare war to the Chinese or the Russian, I don’t see any giant bean bag around anytime soon
4:27:42 PM bobby: i understand, so let’s push the boundries of what we know as “everyday” life
4:28:54 PM : We, indeed, as individuals, or small subset of the society, can get ourselves a taste of that utopian life we just described. An open window to happiness and what could be or life if society as whole was seeing things as we do
4:29:32 PM bobby: mmmm, I am on board
4:29:51 PM : The taste of that utopian life strangly tastes like whisky for the best of us
4:30:01 PM bobby: how very interesting
4:30:06 PM : lol
4:30:23 PM bobby: see why I compare you to napolean?
4:30:30 PM bobby: a natural born leader
4:30:33 PM : Cause of the alcohol problem?